About Unathi

My name is Unathi, I live in Cape Town, South Africa and I reluctantly agree that this city is quite possibly the greatest city most people will ever see, while whole heartedly believing that being born and bred in the Eastern Cape is one of God’s awesomest ideas for me.

I get a kick out of creating sentences that my readers can taste in their mouth or feel the weight of on their shoulders or hearts – people never feel the same way or in the same place, so shoulder, heart, head, ,pancreas, as long as you feel right :).

All the mini stories on the blog are mine and unless otherwise stated all the photos are taken by me.

Sliver lines and Sunny days, where did that come from?

Everyone has a bad horrible day occasionally. Even in that, there is a lesson for us to learn about ourselves and the people we choose to surround ourselves with. So we move on having learned to do better, see better or act better, that is what I call the silver lining on a bad day.

Sunny days are the ones where we are having the best days of our lives, not only that, but choosing to share our rays and sunshine with the ones whose day, week, month, season year, isn’t going so well.